The Only Way is the Waterside

15th October 2013 by Sammy0

An exciting opportunity presented itself to us this year as we were preparing for the Waterside Shopping Centre’s annual student lock-in – We were told that The Only Way is Essex star, Lydia Bright, would be bringing her pop up boutique to Lincoln for one night only! 

As you can imagine, this was very exciting news for us here in the office, not only because we are big fans of the show, but we also knew her following was our target student audience.

The Waterside’s annual student lock-in is an exclusive night to welcome the new uni students to Lincoln with special discounts from retailers and a live DJ set from local bar, Walkabout. This, teamed with Lydia’s boutique, Bella Sorella, it was set to be a promising event.

Upon receiving the big news, we immediately began contacting the media and generating an interest, however, we knew social media would be the most effective way to attract Lincoln’s new students

With that in mind, Lisa designed eye-catching artwork for the Facebook page and flyers with the aim to promote Lydia but not take away from the primary event of the night – the lock-in.

A series of promoted posts, live updates and an exclusive interview with Lydia led to the number of fans on Facebook jumping up by 100 within days and the Waterside seeing an increase of 40% attending the lock-in compared to last year’s figures.

Needless to say, it was a successful night!


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