31st October 2013 0


All Hallows Eve, traditionally the initiation of the triduum of Hallowmas, the time in the Christian calendar to remember the dead. Now, you are more likely to find people apple bobbing, scary themselves silly on spooky city tours or dressing up like a creepy (for creepy, read slutty) nurse and drinking red shots through a fake syringe.

Here at Lava, we know that Halloween is a great opportunity to create some great PR – just check out our Hallo’win pumpkin carving competition on Facebook. This tongue in cheek occasion can help all sorts of brands reach their target audiences in the run up to 31st October. You just need to log on to Twitter to see how many people have jumped on the Halloween bandwagon. 

14th August 2013 0


Marmite’s latest TV advert in which a spoof rescue team saves ‘stricken’ jars of the yeast extract from Britain’s homes has caused a serious stir.

Within the first 24 hours of its release last Monday, the ad attracted 250 complaints to the Advertising Standards Agency and was dubbed as ‘offensive’ and ‘tasteless’.

23rd April 2012 0


Last week the news broke that journalist and author, Grace Dent had apparently become the latest victim of trolling when Mufadal Jiwaji, an employee at Hill & Knowlton (which represents Dent), posted some rather tasteless comments on Twitter regarding her appearance.

Here at Lava we were rather shocked by the tweet. It looked like Jiwaji was heading for the chop after such an audacious remark about one of his clients.