23rd July 2012 0


The discussion around the Olympic brand police has been a hot topic not only in the media but also here in the office with many different views on what the focus of the Games should be. Following Adam’s post on Thursday, supporting the protection of Olympic sponsors, I’ve jumped in to the join in the debate…

23rd April 2012 0


Last week the news broke that journalist and author, Grace Dent had apparently become the latest victim of trolling when Mufadal Jiwaji, an employee at Hill & Knowlton (which represents Dent), posted some rather tasteless comments on Twitter regarding her appearance.

Here at Lava we were rather shocked by the tweet. It looked like Jiwaji was heading for the chop after such an audacious remark about one of his clients.

1st September 2011 0


The famous quote by P.T. Barnum that ‘any publicity is good publicity’ would probably be strongly contested by the following companies, who prove how costly public relations blunders can be to your both your reputation and your brand.

15th August 2011 0


Like the makings of any good relationship, the one you form with your PR consultancy relies on trust, regular contact and sincerity. In this post, Steph turns agony aunt and addresses the top five PR-related relationship problems.