How to get the most from your PR consultancy

15th August 2011 by Steph0

Like the makings of any good relationship, the one you form with your PR consultancy relies on trust, regular contact and sincerity. In this post, Steph turns agony aunt and addresses the top five PR-related relationship problems.

1. What do you want?

What do you want your PR consultancy to help you achieve? Perhaps it’s more sales leads or improving your online presence?

Once you’ve settled on your aims, put together a comprehensive brief and work with your consultancy to agree well-defined, measurable objectives that can be regularly reviewed.

Where possible, include an indication of budget, this will make it easier for the consultancy to tailor their proposal to meet your needs.

2. Are you compatible?

Big thinking, creative PRs are great, but it’s also important that you can work with your consultancy long term on a day-to-day basis.

Look for a team that understands you and your business, is creative, enthusiastic, dedicated and hungry for success.

3. Talk to one another

They say communication is the key to any successful relationship, so a good consultancy should make sure you maintain regular contact.

Along with weekly status reports and regular face-to-face meetings, your consultancy should feel like a trusted business partner, so expect to be able to pick up the phone when you need to.

4. Be open to advice

Make the most of your consultancy, trust their judgement and listen to their advice – you hired them for their expertise, after all.

If you’re in doubt, let them know and work with them to resolve the issue. You should always feel comfortable asking questions and your consultancy should always feel comfortable answering them – you’re all on the same team.

5. Give credit where it’s due

Likewise, don’t forget to acknowledge when your consultancy performs particularly well. It’s not unreasonable to expect a consistently high standard of service, but by showing your consultancy that you appreciate them from time to time, you’ll keep them motivated to do even better.

The key here is simple, decide what it is you want, communicate with one another, tackle problems when they arise but remember to pay compliments when they’re due. Following these steps can help to ensure a long-lasting and fruitful relationship with your PR consultancy.

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