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Earlier this year, Twitter drew the attention of many by teasing that its character limit would rise by over 7000% to 10,000 – a major change for a platform centred around being brief. For now, though, it seems this idea has been put on the back-burner, with Twitter execs deciding to instead focus efforts on providing users with more characters without impacting the unique experience offered by the platform.

21st March 2016 0


Social media giant, Twitter, celebrated its 10th birthday on Monday (21st March). To mark the occasion, we’ve put together our top ten tips for SMEs wanting to get the most out of the platform!

1. Make sure you can be found
Twitter has come a long way since CEO Jack Dorsey posted his first tweet in 2006:

With 974 million accounts worldwide, Twitter’s ten-year milestone highlighted just how far it’s come in a relatively small space of time, but with so many people using the platform, how do you make sure your business is easily found?

A lot of it comes down to a searchable handle, i.e. your Twitter username. Strong SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is vital for your page’s popularity and making the journey to finding your account as stress free as possible.

This also applies for the bio section, as it’s a good idea to use appropriate hashtags within your description so anyone searching, for example ‘#Lincoln #Construction’, would come across your page.

Top tip: make sure your business name is included in the @ of your username. If you want to change your current @ handle on Twitter, simply go to the account settings tab on the top right of the page and change the username listed in your username field.

2. Clear branding
First impressions always count, and it’s the same for Twitter! Make sure your profile looks as professional as possible by using a correctly sized logo and cover photo that doesn’t look distorted or blurry. You want your page to be visually appealing, as well as informative, to capture your audience’s attention.

Top tip: a picture paints a thousand words! Sum up what you do as simply and creatively as possible. Our @WeAreLava account is the perfect example:

3. Link to your website
Make sure you add your website’s URL to your bio. This gives your audience the opportunity to easily research your services further with just the click of a button, which, in return, could win you new business, increase your sales and help you network virtually within your industry.

4. Upload photos
You want your content to be as visually inviting as possible, when people are flicking through their news feed, an interesting picture or other form of multimedia is a sure way to make them stop in their tracks and delve a little deeper by clicking on your Tweet.

5. Use the lingo
Twitter was created to be concise and snappy, so to get the most out of the platform, speak in its language. Tagging other companies in with the @ symbol and using appropriate #s will increase the reach of your Tweet and give you a more dominant voice when interacting online.

If you find where to use @ or # symbol’s confusing, a good rule of thumb is: @ = tagging other people in # = key words.

Top tip: use the search bar and type in either your company’s name or relevant keywords to see who’s talking about your business. This could open up an interesting conversation or help find Tweets where people have forgotten to tag you in!

6. Tweet regularly
The more you post, the more familiar people will be with your product.

If you don’t have someone specifically in charge of your social media, it can be time consuming to post informative and engaging content whilst trying to juggle your other day-to-day jobs.

Top tip: write your social media content a week in advance (as well as on the day if you can!) This will free up time and ensure your page is always filled with interesting posts.

7. Be in the loop!
The Moments tab on the top left of your screen is a useful new tool that Twitter has rolled out to make the platform a hub for news and information.

Top tip: is there something groundbreaking or newsworthy happening in your industry? Has someone written an interesting article commenting on the subject? Retweet it! This will keep you up-to-date in terms of news and creates the image of being proactive within your industry, as breaking and topical news topics will be featured on your page.

8. Be sociable
Social media is meant to be sociable! If someone interacts with your business, try to make the time to respond, favourite or RT as a form of acknowledgement! This gives your business an approachable and friendly image that, in return, will increase customer loyalty to your brand.

Top tip: if someone Tweets a complaint about your business, reply politely and ask them to direct message you. This will stop your interaction from being in the public domain and will show the person complaining that you’re trying to resolve the issue.

9. Grow your audience
Are you trying to grow the amount of followers you have? A good technique to increasing this quickly and with no costs at all is to follow other relevant accounts. From competitors, clients and local media to companies and figureheads in the area, people usually follow back, so put the time in and you’ll reap in the rewards.

10. Enjoy your account!
When writing your social media content, try and think like your audience. Do you find the Tweet you’ve just written interesting? Would you click or engage with it if you weren’t connected to the company? Try to answer ‘yes’ to these questions and the energy will ooze out of your account, making it an exciting and enjoyable place to be.
With these ten top tips, your Twitter has the potential to be taken to the next level, whether that’s in terms of increasing your followers or improving engagement with your audience.
Twitter’s come a long way in a decade and we can’t wait to see the platform evolve even more!


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It may be more than 20 years since Bob Hoskins delivered the killer line ‘It’s good to talk’ for BT’s hugely successful advertising campaign, but even in this digital age of e-mail, text and social media there is still no substitute for a good old-fashioned chin wag, especially when it comes to business.

BT certainly struck a chord with their 90’s campaign, which delivered the company an incremental £5 billion over the five years it ran, and whilst the technology has moved on the sentiment remains relevant today.

PR and marketing is all about communicating, telling stories and conveying messages. Whilst much of this can be done via e-mail and social media it’s essential that we talk too! The days of the AbFab-style PR lunches may be long gone, but we do still need to make time to have conversations and face-to-face meetings to ensure we build and maintain solid relationships.

Relationship building
Whatever business you’re in it’s all about developing relationships and a winky face or smiley on an e-mail or text is just not the same as sharing a joke over the phone or chatting about weekend plans over lunch. This may seem time consuming but it is time worth spending to get to know your clients and key stakeholders.

Winning new business relies on personal connection and there is no substitute for those initial meetings and conversations with a prospective client, where you can often tell within minutes whether the person and business is a good ‘fit’ with good old intuition and ‘gut feeling’ playing a part.

Be Clear
If you’ve ever sent a text or email to the wrong person, with your heart sinking the second after you’ve pressed send then you know how easy it is to get communication wrong. Also irony, sarcasm and banter don’t travel well over e-mail and comments can be taken the wrong way. To be sure you’re getting your point (and personality) across properly hit the call button.

Let’s face it we would all be completely lost without e-mail and and it definitely has an essential place in working life but it shouldn’t replace conversation, rather enhance and confirm it. Social media is also a fantastic tool that is fast becoming another essential communication business tool, but behind every like, share and follow is a person.

A quote shared on LinkedIn sums up why making this personal connection is so important in business – “People do business with people because they choose to, not because they have to. We can always find others doing the same thing or selling the same product.”

The reason you stand out may just be because you picked up the phone and decided it was ‘good to talk’.

If you fancy a good old fashioned chat about how Lava might be able to help your business communicate better call 01522 842 800.

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Last week the news broke that journalist and author, Grace Dent had apparently become the latest victim of trolling when Mufadal Jiwaji, an employee at Hill & Knowlton (which represents Dent), posted some rather tasteless comments on Twitter regarding her appearance.

Here at Lava we were rather shocked by the tweet. It looked like Jiwaji was heading for the chop after such an audacious remark about one of his clients.

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Like the makings of any good relationship, the one you form with your PR consultancy relies on trust, regular contact and sincerity. In this post, Steph turns agony aunt and addresses the top five PR-related relationship problems.