27th April 2012 0


I had chat with Melvyn Prior, presenter of BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s Morning Show, about the future of the newspaper industry today.

Placing an emphasis on a diverse portfolio of services to distribute the news, the need for daily papers to go weekly and exploring whether the issue is a generational matter, the discussion could have gone on a lot longer.

19th September 2011 0


With total footage that would take over 100 years to watch, 2bn daily hits and availability in 22 countries achieved in only 6 years, YouTube is not only a major force to be reckoned with, but also a fantastic opportunity for organisational publicity.

However, with an ever-growing database diluting viewer attention, the ability to make a video stand out against the billions really is a challenge.


23rd September 2011 0


The BBC has introduced a beta version of the BBC.co.uk home page, which – after a period of testing – could well be rolled out across its other sites. Matt shares his thoughts on what the changes mean for web designers and content creators.