22nd June 2016 0


Earlier this year, Twitter drew the attention of many by teasing that its character limit would rise by over 7000% to 10,000 – a major change for a platform centred around being brief. For now, though, it seems this idea has been put on the back-burner, with Twitter execs deciding to instead focus efforts on providing users with more characters without impacting the unique experience offered by the platform.


16th March 2012 0


For a number of years brands using Facebook have acted like stereotypical bachelors: with minimal commitment they have played the field and focused on collecting as many likes as possible. It’s time for them to stop, and get engaged.

The application of Timeline to Facebook business pages signifies a ring on the finger to businesses investing in the social giant. As we wave goodbye to the dominance of the like gate we instead welcome an era of engagement.

Of course the ability to twist a Facebook user’s arm hasn’t completely disappeared, each ‘tab’ is now afforded a unique URL, and by directing people to it rather than your wall will still mean you can request a like before they can access your site’s content (so no need to hand over the keys to the sports car just yet).